How can solar security fencing benefit your premises?

solar security fencing

Whether it is your property, product, produce, high security areas and zones or live stock, preserving them safely is as important as acquiring them. In these days of increased incidence of thefts, losses due to negligence, a more fool proof arrangement to safeguard such assets assumes higher significance. The latest in the list of neo security methodologies is the usage of Solar Security Fencing, which is also refereed as Power Fencing. Apart from using solar fencing to safeguard property or lives, it is more regularly used as a deterrent to ward off high security

Solar fences are active fences, unlike the traditional perimeter fencing. The conventional fencing can be tampered without being afraid of casualties or injury. They just serve as hurdles and not as effective deterrents.

Solar fencing , on the contrary, is life threatening for the intruders and provides a net of safety for the users. Moreover, Solar fencing is probably the least expensive security measures in terms of recurring cost. As the name suggests, a metal frame or wire laced with energy generated from solar heat runs through the perimeter of the property sought to be secured. High voltage pulse signals of electric current run through the fence every second. The moment an object or living being comes into contact with it, current passes through it to pass on a shock, debilitating the intruder. It is a very effective deterrent for intruders, predators, thieves or any undesirable elements from trespassing into prohibited areas, apart from prevention of loss of property and other valuables.

A lot of property owners decide a security system is beyond their means until the unthinkable happens. Security fencing for home can be as straightforward as an alarm on the door knob to detect. This smart fencing security system will prevent or at least discourage an intruder from adding your home to his list of conquests. It is powered by back up facility of energy to run continuously during night times and in cloudy circumstances. Today too many solar powered fencing solutions are available which are environmentally, and economically desirable allowing conscious consumer wanting to introduce a little solar into their homes. It is a choice to use clean, free power from the sun. They are easy to install, require little maintenance, and are inexpensive to operate. You may also secure your premises with a wide range of access control security functions like timing systems, keypad control, swipe cards and key switches, which are accessible to authorized personnel and also considered to compliment to your security solutions.

Benefits of using Solar Power Fencing for your premises:

Save money: As Solar energy is free energy, which is a renewable source of energy unlike fossil fuel. After the initial installement of your system it is completly free. You can also send In fact, excess power back into electric grid, and generate additional money.

Flawless operations: Solar power fencing systems are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can perform in fair or foul weather. They are securing your home with the power backup, which helps to add a battery bank to their fencing system to supply power at night or in times of grid failure.

Go Green: Power fencing is environment friendly and generating electricity through residential solar power systems are completely pollution free. There can be some pollution during the manufacture of solar cells and infrastructure, but once installed, they are completely pollution free.

Zero maintenance: The residential smart fencing panels hardly need any maintenance once they are installed, as they last for a very long time. On the other hand, other sources of electricity generation needs regular monitoring and heavy maintenance.

With these clear advantages in mind, you can make a better decision whether having a solar energy setup for your home or business is a practical decision or not. Countless individuals though have proven that using solar energy is indeed the future and the future is already here. You just pick the right the one that is right for you. A good fencing company should be able to help you with regulations and rules as safety is the biggest measure these days so get a good fence that costs very little.

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  1. Solar fencing is an eco friendly technology and is widely used and also economical on pricing. A sure shot innovative and safe way. it is vital as the latest technology fences give you the opportunity to secure your home.

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