How Much Does It Cost to Install A Fence?

The cost to install a fence will differ as per the type and quality of fence posts and added barbed wires. In some specific areas, simple fences with thorny plants are more valuable. The power fencing or solar security fencing is mandatory where a risk of stealing, pilferage, wild animals, and cattle, etc. realized. There are fencing agencies to install the smart fence on a contract basis and you need to obtain a required quotation from them. Nevertheless, after obtaining the quotation with material-wise and labor wise breakup costs, etc., you need to inquire about the comparative price of the materials and labor to decide the exact cost. For the granite posts, you need to mention the dimension to find the exact cost.

Choose the right one from a wide array of materials

There’s a wide array of materials to select from including chain link, aluminum, wrought iron, vinyl, wood, and many more. Costing of the fence depends upon the types of materials used.

How to Install A Fence?

Mark the depth of the post by a pen which will remain on the upper side of the ground. The distance between the posts will be approximately 3 meters and you can use more stakes as per your requirement.

Tap in the posts by a hammer up to a minimum of 22 centimeters and apply hot tap into non-conductors. Also, make sure that it’s not touching any vegetation.

Fit the charger device on your solar fence ensuring implementation of the 1-meter length of 12mm galvanized rebar.

Now the solar fence is installed, and does start its use by switching on the charger, once the solar indicator light flashes on and is ready to get used.

Additional lighting & Accessories

You can add extra cap lights to your solar fence posts for an additional charge. If you have a high-quality iron fence with brick concrete made posts, you can incorporate a keypad entry for automatic entry functionality purposes.

What’s the difference between the cost of the Backyard Fence and Fencing around a House?

Sometimes smart fence need permits from the local government authorities and neighbors because of the categories of materials, height, and design of the fence. You need to check with your local building authorities, and with the residential association to obtain the building strategy. A safe method to go is fetched with the materials, design style, and height of your neighbors to make a reliable look.

Recommended fence height

As per Landscaping Network rule, and fencing law and standard height are as follows.

The front yard is 3 feet, Backyard is 6 feet, Pool fence is 4 feet, and Deer fence is 8 feet.

Yard wise cost to Fence

For a typical 1/5 acre lot fence, it needs 150-ft solar fencing in your yard at prices ranging from $2000 to $4,000 for a 6-ft height wood fence. Also, the cost of a vinyl fence will be $3,800 to $5,500 including installation charges.

Average Cost

For a 50 ft length fence, the price would be $700 – $1,200 whereas it would be $1,400 – $2,500 for a 100 ft length with a 6 ft height fence. As the height of the fence changes, the price also will be changed.

Fence Replacement Cost

The average expenses required to replace a solar fence is equal to the expenses of installation of a new one at an average price of $13 to $26 per linear ft, not counting removing your existing fence. Hence, the installation cost of the fence is estimated as per the length of your fence, height, posts count, and materials types.

When it is required to consult a fence expert?

For the proper fencing connection, you need to contact a professional fencing expert. If you want to calculate a rough estimate yourself, go through these steps.

  • First Check with the association of homeowners regarding all building rules and restrictions.
  • Hire a land inspector to fix up your property lines and measure the border of your lot.
  • You can divide the total perimeter by 3 or more up to 8, for the requirement of posts.
  • The next step is to determine how many number you need, divide the total perimeter length by the breadth of the panels or pickets.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gate?

The average cost to install a solar fence gate is ranging from $150 to $700 per gate as per the size, quantity, designs, and materials types used. If you wish backyard fencing, you need to install a minimum one gate on both sides of your home. And for the front fence, you need to install a single or double gate if you need extra space for your vehicle entry.

Do you need a security fencing? Please let’s know your requirement for solar power fencing and know the Cost to Install A Fence.

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