Different Types of Security Fencing available in the Market

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Every living organism on this earth needs security in the area they dwell. In ancient times, Security was the primary demand for human beings to secure them from wild animals and they used to build fences with the help of tree logs, bamboos etc,. With the progress of civilization and onset of technology, people are ensuring their security by installing smart solar fencing systems, designed to protect an area by helping them to be safe from intruders.

Today, Security Fencing systems have become so advanced that it has been now supported by online marketing system, which keeps you updated with new and most demanded panels or systems of fencing. A Solar power fencing can be a very wise investment for your business or home, because it not only provides protection, but it can also enhance the value of your property with its smart security feature. The enhanced value originates from the fact that the property is not only protected, but the Solar fencing can also add more aesthetic value to your premises. The following are some of the different types of security fencing available in the market, which are made up of using different types of materials.

High Security Fencing:

From the last decade, the use of High security fencing is in high demand, which is designed to keep away intruders from property/machinery inside its perimeters. This type of electric fencing is often used around commercial properties where the items behind the fencing panels could be hazardous. Electrical substations use these high profile security fences to stop people from being able to have access to the electrical components that connect rural areas to the main power substations.


  • High security fencing will truly enhance the appeal of your property.

  • They can detect the intruders away from your property round the clock.

  • It provides the better access control even if your businesses are located in various departments of same site.

  • It helps in providing the enhanced security solutions with its advanced technical features.

  • It may also act as a weather barrier for your commercial property during bad climatic conditions.

solar fencing

Palisade Fencing:

Palisade security fence panels, which come in a range of heights to suit varied requirements of height. This type of fence is good because it is very strong and can blend in well with the environment where it is fitted. Like other security fences it can be topped with different levels of security features depending on need. Steel palisade fencing also has the advantage of being quick and easy to install.


  • It provides a strong barrier against thieves and vandals.

  • It is nearly impossible to climb this fencing.

  • It is ideal to be installed on uneven ground surfaces.

  • Palisade security fencing is easily compatible with additional anti climb devices.

  • This security is not restricted to business properties but is also for residential properties

  • Maintenance of Palisade fencing is relatively quite low.

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Mesh Fencing:

Mesh is normally intended as general boundary fencing that can be used in rural areas to contain wildlife and even at small zoos for enclosures of animals such as monkeys, rabbits and birds etc. This type of fencing is made up of strong steel wire either galvanized or stainless steel. It is most often used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial purposes. The appearance of Mesh fencing is pleasant and also provides privacy, security apart from being durable.


  • Mesh fencing is considered to be user friendly, that adds safety and extra rigidity.

  • It is cost effective and more attractive than the typical alternatives.

  • This Mesh fencing has a great visual appeal with long durability.

  • The clients have an option to customise their mesh fencing as per their requirement.

  • These wire fences are considerably low in cost when compared to other fences.

solar fencing


However, security solar fencing has been used for centuries to keep out intruders and to preserve privacy. Protecting a property is as important today as it was then, and still provides the basic function of protecting assets and buildings.Main things to consider buying the fencing. However, security fences have evolved in design and function as security needs change. More sophisticated designs of fencing are being made with the aim of meeting the specific needs of clients.

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